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​O Projeto IPA+ desenvolveu e testou dois cursos online para dar resposta às exigências educativas de profissionais com diferentes níveis de experiência e conhecimento. Os resultados são um Curso “Básico” (Nível I) de três meses, composto por 7 módulos e um Curso “Avançado” (Nível II) de três meses, composto por 4 módulos, pois o Módulo 1 é transversal aos Níveis I e II. Os resultados do Projeto Erasmus+ IPA+ Autismo - Formação para a Inclusão, encontram-se agora disponíveis num formato toolkit de livre e fácil acesso a qualquer pessoa que pretenda um conhecimento mais aprofundado sobre a temática do Autismo.

Reacting to and assessing student writing are basic segments of crafted by writing educators. Exercises, for example, remarking on drafts in progress, reviewing last papers, assessing portfolios, and allocating course reviews not just assimilate quite a bit of an instructor's time and vitality yet in addition assist students with checking their improvement as journalists. Since writing educators consistently appear to be searching for approaches to make their assessments progressively valuable and significant, there is a long and rich history of guidance on the best way to react and assess — from utilizing agendas and rubrics, to conferencing, to utilizing all encompassing evaluating. Supporters of this segment examine strategies that was offered by typemyessays com writers and other, later patterns, for example, reflection and self-assessment, which offer significant open doors for students to become basic perusers of their own writings and to take an interest all the more completely in the evaluation procedure. While it is enticing, and maybe very run of the mill, to view writing appraisal as something included as far as possible of a task or semester, the benefactors consider their to be and assessment techniques as completely coordinated into their course plans. In spite of the fact that the appraisal strategies displayed here may not be fundamentally new, each essay offers a one of a kind look into how specific techniques can be adjusted to address explicit issues and objectives.